As a member of the NVGTK, not only are your interests represented, but you also benefit directly from various benefits. Look on the membership benefits page to see what these benefits are.

To become a member of the NVGTK you must:
  • have a PSD license for carrying out money transactions (payment service 6), as referred to in the PSD.

  • be a notified agent of a financial institution with a license for carrying out money transactions (payment service 6) with a European passport and have at least 5 locations in the Netherlands and have a compliance officer and permission from the payment institution for which they are agents.

A one-time entry fee must be paid. In addition, a contribution must be paid annually that is determined by the general meeting.

The contribution for 2021 is:

| Category | Entrance | Contribution
  | A: Companies with 0 to 10 locations € 500 | € 300
  | B: Companies with more than 10 locations € 1,000 € 600

It is also laid down in the articles of association that members from category A represent 1 vote in the general meeting and that members from category B represent two votes.

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